In the fall of 2015, Bayou City Blues Drum & Bugle Corps was re-born. All former GCS members and everyone else that is interested in a having a good time and making some darn good music, should check out Bayou City Blues.


GCS was born out of the desire to help BCB recruit in 2001. When BCB folded in 2003, the "Winter Corps" known as GCS was promoted to a competitive status to fill the void left by BCB. The same core group of friends were in both units and the rest is just political details. In essence, BCB became GCS.


As the circle of life continues, GCS has become BCB again. The two Corps are the same. A Dum & Bugle Corps is nothing more than the members involved and the same core group of friends has been the center of both units for more than two decades.


This website will remain as an online museum of the decade that BCB was called GCS. Click the logo above for access.


The future is very bright. Come be a part of it.